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So welcome to my website. I will say this is a PG-13, possibly R rated blog simply because I cuss. Damn skippy. So if you are offended by four-letter words you might want to move along. I don’t use them a lot but I do use them. I won’t post anything that is NSFW, at least I don’t think I will, but if for some reason I need to do so I will warn you.

A little about me: I’ve always wanted to travel. I’ve never wanted to stay in one place. I’ve wanted to see the world. I’ve never understood how people can stay in one place. “I was born here, gonna die here.” Why? There is a huge world out there. I was always envious of people whose jobs involved lots of travel. I love hotels. I love airports.

My dad had the greatest job, I thought. He’s basically retired now and is playing Gentleman Farmer in East Texas, but he’s engineer and builds oil rigs and he has traveled the world. He went to Egypt. Korea. Ireland. Thailand. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Peru. Suriname. Every-damn-where. I was so jealous. We moved to Singapore when I was in the 8th grade. That was cool.

So I wanted to figure out a way to at least see the sections of the world that I can drive to. Me and my wanderlust are traveling around in an RV. Coming along on the journey are two cats, a dog, and a dude. The cats are Cisco and Pancho, the dog is Ziggy, and the dude wishes to remain nameless so he shall just be the dude. (With a beard he is definitely a Lebowski so it fits.)

The dude and I met a few years ago, liked the looks of each other and shacked up. Two years ago we moved to Philadelphia because we were tired of the Texas heat. I am a Texan, will always be a Texan no matter where I live, but  that heat. Oy. I was over it. Had been over it for a long time. Loves me some Dallas and Austin, Houston only occasionally because Houston is the sweaty crotch of Texas. I can say that because I was born there and lived there for quite a while. Every time I visit Houston I always end up asking why anyone stays there. So humid.

So we stayed two years in Philly, which, by the way, is the filthiest city I’ve ever seen. Garbage everywhere. We knew it was time to move on but we were having trouble deciding where to move to. We had settled on Colorado Springs and all was a go when it occurred to us that it seemed really stupid to spend all that time and money to move out there just to waste money on an apartment when we were going to leave after a year anyway. (Remember, I don’t like to stay in one place for very long.) And now I’m in an RV My New Home.

Coming up next: The story of leaving Philly and getting to Florida.