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Wait, What? We’re Actually Leaving the South? No, It Can’t Be.

We picked up our Chieftain in Tampa back in October. So that was what? Eight months ago? And for eight months we have really done nothing but sit somewhere in the South and make repairs to the Chieftain, and here now, the Phaeton. Oh sure, we spent the winter in the Keys (at one RV park), which, don’t get me wrong, does. not. suck, and then made some stops on the way to the the NuRVers gathering, but save for those things we haven’t left the South and gone on a real trip.

We went from Tampa to the Keys to Tampa to Atlanta to Memphis to Houston to Austin to Gonzales to Dallas to Daphne to Montgomery to Dallas, and the only reason we even left Florida was we had to go to the storage unit in Dallas, and then the only reason we didn’t get on the road was we decided to buy the Phaeton so it was back across I-10 to go to Alabama. NOW, praise the Lord and pass the biscuits we are finally, finally on our first real excursion somewhere.

So here we are, sitting at Hidden Lake RV in Ardmore, OK, with one last friends/relatives stop to make. In a couple of hours we will be in Yukon, OK, visiting with one of the Dude’s sisters and her family and then it is off to Calgary.

I am trying to be a positive thinker but some of this preparation has started to seem more like putting stuff off. It’s time to cowgirl up and get this rodeo started.

Yee haw!

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