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Hah! Not dead yet.

Yeah, yeah, I know. No, really. I. KNOW.

Here’s the deal, and this is not an excuse, mind you, but the real reason why I don’t update the blog like I should: WordPress. I don’t really get it. I am missing the techy/l33t coding gene and just adding links and pictures takes me a couple of days and so “just” updating an event that only took a couple of hours in real life takes me about a week in computer life. I would LOVE to be able to add music and little videos and more links and pics. Just recently I saw a lady make a video, edit it, add music, add text, write a little something, edit that, and get it up and running on her website in just a few hours. Hell, it probably only took her an hour.

Maybe the free blog programs make this stuff easy, but WordPress can bite my sizable ass. Working in it takes all the fun out of this blog. I know everyone else seems to be able to manage it. Yay for everyone else. You may know this, and you may not but here’s how I work: I have to write the story (the fun part for me) and then resize any photos and upload them to WordPress, then research the links and code them [with this ridiculously specific and kind of long group of randomness (I know it’s not random but for me it is because I don’t GET it. Get it?) on both sides of the link], and then edit the whole thing, and then upload the story from wordpad and hope that it doesn’t get borked in the process. AND if it does since I don’t know enough about it I then have to figure out what went wrong, which could take me another day. I tried to add the WordPress Add-On that is supposed to put a google map on my blog and I can’t figure out how to size it properly. And I can’t figure out how to size the pictures properly. AND, and the Dude seems to think that I can just read the forums and know what happened and how to fix it, but that’s like handing a fallen souffle and a cookbook to someone who has never baked and telling them to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. Oh, and which kind of souffle it is and what’s in it! Riiiiigggghhhht. *wink and tsk and finger point*

So, if anyone knows some shortcuts, add-ons that fucking work, anything that will make this even a slightly easier process please feel free to lead me to them.

Oh, oh! And you have no idea how long it took me to realize that I can’t write and do all my editing in Word and then copy and paste to WordPress. The frustration I felt when I worked for hours and hours on a post only to have it implode on publishing. Here I had the perfect story, no typos, the photos were exactly where I wanted them, the links were relevant and funny, oh, it was beautiful. I copied and pasted into WordPress, hit “Publish,” and then ppffft. Total crap. Nothing looked like it should and the links? Looked exactly like I had typed them with their seemingly random characters before and after the linky http:whatever-the-hell. I don’t know about you, but my brain and good humor went fucking ballistic. (Please supply your favorite curses and perjoratives here. Me? I went with various forms of, “Please have intimate and carnal relations with your maternal parent.”)

So, my patient friends, this is why I am so bad about posting. Again, if you know of some magic, some life-changing work-around, some WordPress whozit that actually works, please let me know.

Since I last posted here’s some of what I have done:

  1. Flew out of Ft. Myers, FL to Dallas, TX so that my mom and I could go to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.
  2. Tried to fly out of Dallas, TX to Vancouver during the worst snow storm in Dallas in the history of ever. (No, really. Worst snowstorm/most snow in a 24-hour period in Dallas in RECORDED history. After being trapped on a plane on the tarmac for five hours you just don’t care anymore. Either get this plane in the air or go back to the gate. One or the other, bubba.)
  3. Managed to get to Vancouver in plenty of time for an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully not–look out London, I’mma figure out how to get there for your games) experience. I’ll show you my souvenirs if you ask.
  4. Flew back to Dallas and decided to stay for a month so I could visit friends and family aaaaannnnddd promptly got so sick that I didn’t get to see anyone except my mom, brother, and nephew. I was sick for about three weeks.
  5. Flew back to Florida to catch up with the Dude and furry friends, finally hit the road. (“Traveling” since October actually means sitting out the horrible winter in the Keys. Not a bad deal.)
  6. Went to GA to see the Dude’s old stomping grounds.
  7. Coca-Cola plant in Atlanta. Fun in a touristy way with the payoff being that you can try every Coke product manufactured in the world. Massive sugar rush, many children bouncing off walls.
  8. Tupelo and the birthplace of Elvis.
  9. Graceland and the deathplace of Elvis. Also Memphis BBQ, which is mainly pork ribs and a sweet sauce. I don’t really like pork and I don’t like BBQ so my world was not rocked nor was my mindset changed by the experience.
  10. New Orleans and the French Quarter Fest’. Way, way fun and I got to see my cousin, Marcia and her hubby, Jerry, for a little while. Smoochies!
  11. Houston and Shawn and Raji. More smoochies!
  12. Bryan/College Station so I could have my own tour of my old stomping grounds. Also saw the Bonfire memorial and it is way sadder than I thought it would be. I have much unexplainable love for Texas A&M (“From the outside looking in you can’t understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”)
  13. Austin and Cyn, Jame, Dane, Katie, and much Rock Band. The amount of love I have for y’all and your indulgence of my love of Rock Band (and your indulgence with the fact that I am teh suck at it)  is boundless. I truly love y’all. Also got to see some Houston-family cousins who moved to Austin and some that just happened to be there that weekend. Dena, Toni, Natalie, Lindsey, and the littles, Evie, Lily, and Jess? Y’all are some beautiful and kind and generous ladies and holy crap! Are y’all funny! Many laughs and I wish I had more time with y’all. I love ya! More smoochies.
  14. And today? I am in Gonzales, TX, at a gathering of the NuRVers, a group of amazing people who are doing amazing things who I am in absolute awe of and feel unworthy of being around. The level of awesome is beyond anything I could have conceived of. The place is made of win and I feel like I am made of fail.

And there you have it. I would put up a metric shit-tonne of photos and links but I’m tired now and when I hit “Publish” this god-damned thing will probably eat a dick and I’ll have to start all over…

And publishing in three, two, o…

9 Thoughts on “Hah! Not dead yet.

  1. Ah, but see, “fail” is the new “win.”

    At least in my head.

    So … feel free to live, ya’ know … in my head. 😉

  2. Ah, thanks! I could use a vacation. I have cabin fever in my brain.

  3. Deaner on April 24, 2010 at 12:16 pm said:

    Fail and win are relative, and number twelve made me cry. Thanks for the hard work on the post. I’ve been secretly checking and trying not to bitch for months now.

  4. WordPress is, I think, made for people who have taken html and various and sundry computer-y classes or learned the basic a long time ago and are therefore comfortable with all of the stuff. I mean, I didn’t know you had to make pics smaller and I didn’t know how small or how to do it. I need a program that is more user-friendly.

    Oooh, I didn’t mean for that to happen but number 12/12th Man/Aggies. Ooo, weird.

  5. You are so made of awesome in my book, my dear. So so happy you guys came to NuRVers!!

  6. Fail?
    Your awesome cooking, your bumper sticker idea AND your costume at the party have all proved you wrong!

    My lady – YOU are SUPER creative! and always thinking!

    Plus – you have FINE taste in music, my friend, and we were happy to have you at the gathering!!!

  7. Mar on May 6, 2010 at 4:03 pm said:

    Hi Shonda. How was it visiting the dude’s old stomping grounds ? Impressed ?(haha) We will be there for about one day. I figure this should be PLENTY of time to see the place and remind me of why I never want to return, and why my Mom was so angry about having to live there.

  8. How are you doing? Just been thinking about you the last couple of days.


  9. Really? That was your trip to Austin, huh? Hm.

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