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Philly Exodus

Once we had decided that it was time to get the hell outta Philly we started giving away most of our crap or if it wasn’t crap then packing it to be put in a great big box to be stored. What this meant for our neighbors is that most of our dishes, clothes, extra electronics, extra tools, extra furniture, etc, ended up their hands.  (I think one set of neighbors ended up financially profiting from this because I overheard one of them saying something about “getting five bucks.” I mean, fine, we gave it away and what the recipient does with it is his business but he could have waited until we were gone or at least have tried a little harder because he could’ve gotten at least 20 bucks for that desk.) (Also, one man from that set of neighbors had the gall to complain to us that he hadn’t gotten any of the good stuff. He actually knocked on the door to complain to the Dude that we didn’t give him the totally out of date, no good anymore digital cameras. Really?)

Now that most of our stuff was gone, we continued packing the house and getting everything ready for the pod. The plan was to fill the pod, send it on its way to Florida where it would be delivered to LazyDays where our RV was being stored. Once we arrived in Florida the pod would be parked right next to the RV, we unload the pod and load the RV at the same time. (And that is exactly how it worked. More on that later.)

Moving Pod During Done

Being that I am the best packer-mover ever, I had my stuff ready to go a couple of days in advance. The Dude, however, still had all of his upstairs stuff to be packed. The basement was done and in the pod and the pod was gone. (That pod was a thing of beauty. Not one square inch of wasted space.) We had rented a trailer for the stuff that wouldn’t fit in the pod and we were definitely using it but his office and everything of his in the bedroom was still sitting around, waiting to go in the trailer. Now, I understand the office stuff. He was working right up until the moment we left but I kept asking about the bedroom and his bathroom and he just kept saying he didn’t know how he wanted to pack it and he would take care of it so that he would know where everything is. Okey dokey, doggy daddy, whatever you want.

It is now the night before closing and the living room, the bedroom, his office, and his bathroom are still not done. We still have cable because we’re dropping off the box on the way out of town so I am sitting on the floor, watching “Bound” with Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly, and eating my last Philly meal (white pizza and hot wingsI really don't even like wings but sometimes they just sound right. from Sanna’s–http://www.oldtownewingsandpizza.com).  The Dude goes to bed very early because he’s getting up at 3:00 am (I’ll be getting up at 5:00) so that he can finish all of his stuff before the soon-to-be owners show up at 8:00 for a walk-through. You do see where this is headed, right?

The Dude gets up at 3:00 and starts doing stuff. He wakes me up at 5:00 and I? Start hurriedly throwing all of his bedroom and bathroom shit into any bag, box, container of any sort that I can find, which… I could’ve done three days before and in a better, more organized way. Way to plan there, Patton.

We are still packing, a term I use loosely at this point. We are basically cramming stuff into containers and throwing it into the trailer as 8:00 looms near. Closing is at 9:00 and the office is about 20 minutes away. 8:00 comes and goes and we are still shoving stuff in the trailer and sweeping and vacuuming behind us as we go. 8:15 and it starts to rain. 8:25, still raining, still shoving, getting cranky, and here they come. Luckily they are awesome.

8:45 and we are finally done. Cisco, Pancho, and Ziggy are in their respective crates and in the truck. The house is empty except for the things the couple wanted, and we shut and lock the door and it’s off to closing.

We get to the office right at 9:00. The Dude parks the truck and I stay with the animals while he goes to closing. Really no issues at closing, except that it took almost two hours, and we are ready to hit the road. BUT… the Dude gets hungry so we stop at our second favorite pizza place (Lorenzo’s in the Italian Market: http://www.roadfood.com/Restaurant/Reviews/1240/lorenzos-pizza) for a “shlice.” (For some reason the Dude likes saying slice as if he had a sideways lisp like Sid in Ice Age.) On the way out of the market he spies a cell phone on the ground and we stop and pick it up. I call a couple of the numbers in it, hoping to get to the owner somehow. I get through to who turns out to be the owner’s grandson and he calls his grandma who calls his Pawpaw who calls his own phone and I answer. The guy had dropped the phone right outside of his car right outside of his office exactly where we found it but was now 20 blocks from us because we were heading out. We turn around, do a hand-off through the window and the guy gives us 25 dollars for the effort. I tried to say no but we were moving pretty fast and the guy was insistent so thanks anonymous Philly guy!

Still in Philly and it is almost noon. (We had planned to be out of Philly by noon at the latest because I wanted to stop in Leesburg, VA to give some cooking stuff to Vicky Lynn, my friend since grade school, and one of the best cooks I know. I also wanted to stop at Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC because part of my excitement about this trip is trying all of the regional cuisine.)

After dropping of the cable box we pull into the Home Depot parking lot to reevaluate our hurried packing of the truck and trailer. An hour and a half later we have everything rearranged and tied down and the animals have more room to maneuver and we are finally, finally able to actually leave Philadelphia and still make our side trip to see Vicky Lynn. (Ben’s had been scratched from the agenda. Oh well, next year.)

It’s close to 2:00, maybe a little after and we have just crossed over into Delaware. This mean that we’ve been on the road for all of 40 minutes, maybe, when kablam! thuppata, thuppata, thuppata.

Next up: Tire issues and hotels

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